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Greetings, this is Ron Graham, the president of the Houston Area Visually Impaired Network (HAVIN,)writing to you today with one simple, but very important  question.


Have you completed the 2020 Census?


If you have already completed it, then thank you. But if you haven’t, I have some information to share with you and hope it compels you to follow through and complete it.



  • EX Did you know that there are only 9 questions on the 2020 Census?


EX: “Did you know funding for SNAP, Medicare/Medicaid, highways, housing vouchers and education grants + many more benefits in your community are all impacted by census counts? Protect what matters to you and your community by counting yourself and your household.”



  • EX: “Did you know the next opportunity to impact the count for these services will not be until 2030? Impact the next 10 years now.”


  • EX: “Did you know it’s your right per the Constitution to be counted? We invite everyone to participate. By law, your info can’t be shared with any other government agencies or used to impact your immigration status.”
  1. You can complete the census online, by phone or by mail. If you do not self-respond
    by one of these methods, a census worker will visit your household.

If you wish to complete the census by telephone, dial 1-844 330 2020 Yes, its that easy!.

If you are in the Houston/Harris County area and want more information, go to


And the official Census 2020 Website is:


The original 2020 Census campaign was supposed to run through July31, but the COVID-19  health crisis happened and it is now extended through Aug 14. But, after that date, the collection of information is over.


So, act now! Do your part and be counted; make a difference for the future.


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