Have you ever thought, “Where Do I Fit In?”

Hello friends,


This is Ron Graham, the president of the Houston Area Visually Impaired Network, or, as we call it, HAVIN. I want to ask you a question. Remember when you first began dealing with your vision loss and how that made you feel? Even if you were born with a visual impairment and have dealt with this condition all your life, the way you feel is uniquely shaped by your level of vision loss and how you have dealt with it, no matter at what age you realized that things weren’t the same for you as they were with others around you. I remember how it was for me, but my situation is unique to me and my particular situation, just as it was for you. It is personal and your experience is shaped by your interactions with family, friends, and professionals that you have interacted with along your journey into this world of vision loss.


There is such a wide spectrum of what is considered blind, from legally blind, to low vision to visually impaired, all the way to being totally blind with no light perception.


One of the big questions I found I was asking myself along my personal journey was “Where do I fit in among these other people?” It is one I’ve heard repeated by many others, as well, because the degree of their vision loss isn’t always the same and their experiences have been impacted by those they have met along the way. While I am totally blind, I’ve never been accused of “faking my blindness,” yet I know several friends who are low vision or visually impaired who have heard this refrain.


This is the reason that we at HAVIN have made “Where do I fit in?” the theme for this year’s inaugural virtual Insight Expo. It is something we have all had to consider at one time or another in our lives.


And, being that this year’s Insight Expo is virtual, we are able to invite everybody to our signature event. I hope you can make plans to join with us. The details are as follow.


HAVIN 2021 Insight Expo

Date: Saturday, April 10, 2021

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (CDT Insight Expo and 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (CDT) Exhibit Hall

Location: Zoom meeting


If you are interested in joining with us, please go to the

registration page

and sign up. The deadline for registering is 5: p.m. (CDT) Friday, April 9, 2021 and the Zoom connection information will be sent out that night.


Aside from our title workshop, we are also proud to have Carley Colton, the president of the Houston chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness as our keynote speaker. Additionally, we will have a presentation about the Older Individual Blind program from the Texas Workforce Commission. Finally, we will also have a virtual exhibit hall where you can visit with several of the organizations and companies that serve our visually impaired community.


And, of course, as we always do, we will have door prizes! ? But you must be present to win. ?


Please share this message widely with your friends, groups, and anybody you believe may be interested in attending. I hope to see you all at the HAVIN 2021 Insight Expo.


With my best regards,

Ron Graham, President


HAVIN: Bringing unity to our community

Houston Area Visually Impaired Network (HAVIN)


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