The HAVIN VIP Star Award




This is Ron Graham, the president of the Houston Area Visually Impaired Network (HAVIN). For many years, myself and the fellow HAVIN board members have been actively involved in our community and have witnessed our visually impaired Houston area friends and colleagues achieve numerous remarkable and noteworthy accomplishments. In the past, we have sat alongside our visually impaired friends and encouraged their achievements with praise and kudos, because that was all we could do. However, this has now changed, and we have the means to offer recognition beyond that. HAVIN wants to acknowledge and promote excellence from our visually impaired community members and have created the HAVIN VIP STAR Award to do this.


To this end, we are offering a cash stipend of $500 to the recipient of our inaugural award. We are seeking applications for our 2019 HAVIN VIP STAR Award and the three finalists will receive a pair of tickets to the 2019 HAVIN Insight Expo, to be held on Saturday, March 30, 2019. The winner will be selected from among the three finalists and announced at the 2019 HAVIN Insight Expo.


We want to find and recognize the unsung heroes, the everyday achievers, who strive for excellence and overcome the challenges their visual impairment places upon them. This includes but is not limited to academic success, workplace achievements, and volunteer activity. We want to focus on the recent, so we are wanting the achievements to have occurred within the years of 2017 through 2018.


The HAVIN VIP STAR Award is all about service before self.  This award is to say a special thank you in recognition for any individual who is visually impaired from the Houston area that has promoted the visually impaired Community in a positive fashion. Please help us find the worthy candidates and let us recognize them and give praise to their accomplishments. Share this with everybody from the Houston visually impaired community you know. And, if this award is describing you, then, by all means, please complete and submit your application, as well.


Please read theHavin 2019 VIP Star Award rules

and then download and complete theHAVIN VIP STAR Award Application


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