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2019 HAVIN Insight Expo!

Sponsored by Vanda Pharmaceuticals .

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The next Insight Expo will be Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Our theme is “Building Your Toolbox”.


Life as a person who is visually impaired requires many tools to be successful, so what can you do to prepare your toolbox? This is a good, broadly applied theme that we can all relate to, and we are currently planning our 2019 Insight Expo program around it.


Big news announcement…

We are seeking to recognize somebody from our Houston visually impaired community by offering our inaugural HAVIN VIP Star Award. For details, check out:

The HAVIN VIP Star award


The location for the 2019 HAVIN Insight Expo will be the Health and Biomedical Science Building on the University of Houston central campus,
4901 Calhoun
Houston, TX 77004

The schedule is being produced in both print and braille by RGA Tech Solutions

All presentations will be made in Room 203 and Room 267

Breakfast will be served in the Hospitality Lounge (Room 2203) open 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

* Exhibitors open continuously on the 1st Floor – Room 186